Dr. Demetris Avraam


TMF-Keynote: „Privacy protection of data sharing and analysis in medical research“

Data privacy is one of the biggest challenges for any organisation which processes personal data, especially in the area of medical research where data include sensitive information about patients and study participants. Sharing of data is therefore problematic, which is at odds with the principle of open data that is so important to the advancement of society and science. In this talk, we discuss the main barriers to data sharing and the existing solutions to overcome these challenges. We also present the paradigm of DataSHIELD which is a tool that allows privacy-preserving remote federated analysis of biomedical, healthcare, and social-science data.


Demetris Avraam is a Research Associate at the Data to Knowledge Research Group, at Population Health Sciences Institute of Newcastle University in UK. His main research focuses on the development of statistical techniques and computation tools for privacy-preserving analysis and visualisation of sensitive individual-level data. He has a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from University of Liverpool, UK. Before joining the Newcastle University, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Humans and Machines of Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Germany), the School of Social and Community Medicine of University of Bristol (UK), the Department of Public Health of University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and the Department of Economics and Management of University of Cyprus (Cyprus).