Workshop Medical OMICS

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14:00–14:15: Welcome Message Medical OMICs and precision medicine (Ralf Hofestädt, Jens Allmer)
14:15–15:00: Targeting HSP90 and Co-chaperones for Breast Cancer Drug Design (Yusuf Tutar)
15:05–15:25: On the importance of widening the search space in RNA-seq data analysis (Jens Allmer)
15:30–15:50: tba (Visam Gültekin)
15:55–16:15: A conceptual creation of a pharmacogenetic dosage database (Lena Raupach Genvador)
16:20–16:40: Criteria for the evaluation of workflow management systems for scientific data analysis (Dilan Kiran and Mehmet Can Ay)
16:30–17:15: G-S-M: Grouping, Scoring and Modeling Approach. Integration of Biological Domain Knowledge to Machine Learning Based Gene Expression Data Analysis for Selecting Affected Gene Sets (Malik Yousef)
17:15–17:30: Workshop Closing (Ralf Hofestädt, Jens Allmer)